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Black and White: Radical Grace, Raw Truth and Real Hope in a Gray World

Are there absolutes in our gray world?

How do we apply God’s word in an upside down world?

How can we share God’s truth in a post-modern era?

So often, Christians can be labeled as being irrelevant and our voice is not heard.

Political correctness can silence us if we let it. Unless we speak in a way that can be heard.

Listen in to the Black and White podcast ~ A Christian Podcast of radical grace, raw truth and real hope in a gray world.

God’s word provides answers to today’s problems and there is nothing new underneath the sun.

God has called his people to be a light – with grace, truth, humility and hope!

Jul 17, 2019

We don't have to be perfectly disciplined to be healthy, but we can take steps to take care of the body God has given that will greatly affect our lives and capacity for ministry. Listen in as Denise and Angela discuss an approach toward diet and exercise that won't leave us feeling guilty, but well-balanced and healthier.

Jul 10, 2019

Neglecting care for our souls can have devastating consequences. Listen in as Angela and Denise share key principles of biblical self-care that we all need. We can recalibrate our heart in God's presence. BONUS: Free resources to help you live these principles out.

Jul 3, 2019

Has your marriage gotten to be a little ho-hum or hard? Marriage can be fun again. Listen in as Angela and Denise share some of the things that have kept their marriage fun and fulfilling even in the midst of the monotony and craziness of life.


Jun 19, 2019

If you have ever felt like the verses describing the excellent wife in Proverbs 31 are an impossible standard you could never live up to, you are not alone. But there is hope! God does not have such verses in His word to torment us. Listen in as Denise and Angela discuss what matters most as a wife.  

Jun 12, 2019

Does the reality of your marriage create disillusionment in your relationship with your husband? Let's be real together. Last week we had a great discussion about the connection we have in our marriage and how we as wives can hinder or cause that connection to grow. And this week we will look at our husband’s true...